Don’t just take our word for it

I highly recommend Jackie Tan’s London Ballroom Club. It is well organised with great teachers who make sure all clients are included in the practice lessons - whether attending with a partner or as a single. There is a friendly mid class social break which gives people the chance to get to know other dancers in a relaxed social setting.
A year ago, I embarked on an incredible adventure at the most enchanting Ballroom and Latin dance classes at Collier’s Wood. From the moment I stepped foot into the venue, I was warmly greeted by the passionate and enthusiastic organiser, Jackie. I was taught by professional instructors, Carlo and Giuseppe. Their expertise, coupled with their unwavering commitment to teaching, creates an environment that fosters growth. I am beyond thrilled with the tremendous progress I've made in such a short span of time. From the very first day, I was warmly embraced by a community of fellow dancers who radiated positivity, encouragement, and a genuine passion for dance. The camaraderie and support among students is simply awe-inspiring, fostering an atmosphere of inclusivity and teamwork that leaves no room for self-doubt.
Jackie’s dance school was recommended to me by a neighbour. I thought I would give it a go and I have certainly not been disappointed. I attend the classes without a partner which I thought would make me feel even more awkward, than I did already, but you are never alone for long before you meet and dance with lots of new people. It’s a fun way to try something that can increase your self confidence, self esteem and learn new skills. You get to use a different part of your brain, have fun and meet some lovely new people. I love the sense of achievement at the end of the class. I would certainly recommend signing up for a class today!


Dave B


Jackie loves dancing, so she wants to spread her love of dance to each and every one of us. She has developed into a graceful and highly achieved dancer in her own right, having competed successfully in Blackpool and in other competitions held across the country. Jackie has invested a lot of her time, energy and money in finding competent teachers to teach us the various steps, routines and techniques in both latin and ballroom dancing. She is forever on the lookout across London to find adequate halls to practice our wonderful hobby. Our love of dancing has helped us to keep fit by strutting our stuff on the dance hall. We also have to remember all the steps in such a variety of dances, which helps to keep our minds active.
David H
The Colliers Wood Ballrom & Latin club is a magical place where the trials and tribulations of daily life just melt away. With excellent teaching, a warm and supportive atmosphere and great camaraderie amongst fellow dancers, no matter what my mood is when I go there I always leave with a spring in my step, a smile on my face and an overwhelming sense of achievement.
Come along - You'll love it.
Chris A
I think Jacqui is doing great job in running Colliers Wood (which is one of the dancing venues at London Ballroom Club). I think it is one of the best values places, if not the best, in London. This is because the rates are reasonable, you get a great social atmosphere, a real community spirit but also, crucially top level teaching. If you are looking to start your dancing journey and progress to a good intermediate level, then there is no better place to be!
Laurence e
"I started attending the London ballroom lessons and social on Sundays this year. Great credit to Lady Jackie Tan for taking over and organising these evenings. The standard of the instruction is outstanding with 2, professional international, teachers of vast experience giving great value for money. We all want something different from our dancing, for me it is tuition and rotating partners. You cannot please everyone but between the teaching, free parking, transport links, rotating and the helpers, (who add to the smooth running & friendly atmosphere), surely social dancers should give it a go."