Zsolt faskerti

Zsolt Faskerti competed in 23 different countries, represented Hungary in the World and European Championships. He achieved great success in Latin and Ballroom including Show dance national champion. He started teaching in Hungary and also in the United States, before moving to London in 2017 to progress his dance career.


Professional Dance Teacher and choreographer in Ballroom, Latin American and Caribbean Dances. World Dancesport Federation Adjudicator.
Carlo began his dance training as a student with Ballroom and Latin American at a “Top Dance school” in Italy at the age of 7. He progressed through different dance schools and participated at many competitions mostly as a finalist.
He won Italian 10 Dance competitions when he was 14, 16, 19. At 24 he turned Professional and taught at the Giordano Vanone Dance school near Udine, Italy. Qualified Teacher of the Federazione Italiana Danza Sportiva.
Carlo carried on as a competitor and participated at many international competitions with excellent results and as a finalist in some of them.
He managed to grow his own school for almost 18 years in Italy and has now moved to London to experience life and dance in the UK.